DIT College of Business host 12th Annual Retail Management Symposium

2 February 2018

The 12th annual College of Business Retail Management Symposium takes place in DIT College of Business on 6th and 7th February with this year’s focus on 'E-Commerce in Retailing.

Dr. Edmund O’Callaghan stated “There is a growing need for retailers to respond to a changing retail landscape that reflect the rapidly changing economic and technological environment, influenced by digital and social media. 

In its 12th year running, this year’s symposium is host to an eclectic mix of views, from Retailer CEO’s, Senior Managers & Innovation specialists.”

The programme of speakers includes a wide range of experts to include Retail Excellence Ireland, Google, Nielsen Ireland & UK, SAGE, Delivered.ie and ATC Logistics. Among the international participants are students and Professors from the University of Parma in Italy along with Professor Dr. Tarek Taha from Pharos University in Egypt.

The symposium was organised by the School of Retail and Services Management for DIT students and staff, please contact Edmund O’Callaghan if you wish to attend any of the sessions. Phone: 01 402 7062 Email: Edmund.OCallaghan@dit.ie

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