DIT Lecturer Dr. Dee Duffy features on RTE Brainstorm

14 February 2018

Opinion: A new exhibition of Irish fashion since the 1950's also offers remarkable insights and stories about Irish people and culture

DIT Lecturer Dr. Dee Duffy from DIT College of Business, School of Retail and Services Management shares her opinion ' Getting the measure of Irish fashion's early radicals' on RTE's Brainstorm. 


The Little Museum of Dublin's latest exhibition Ireland’s Fashion Radicals pays tribute to Irish fashion design pioneers. But more than this, it offers rich insights into Irish consumer society from the 1950s through to today. 

Anyone who dismisses fashion as a frivolous pastime does not understand fashion. Fashion reveals a multitude about individuals, subcultures, societies and communities. Tech giant Google have come to appreciate fashion as a cultural resource and only last year set about digitising the world’s fashion archives, launching the We Wear Culture initiative in June 2017. Programme Manager Kate Lauterback explained the motive behind the project: "We wanted to show that fashion is much deeper than just what you wear; that there’s a story behind it, there’s people behind it, there’s influences that come from art, that come from music, that come from culture more broadly". 

While Ireland’s Fashion Radicals exhibition is a more modest archive of indigenous fashion talent, it too offers remarkable insights and stories about Irish people and culture. I was struck by the international profile of those commissioning Irish design. Clients include dignitaries such as one-time US First Lady and fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and British socialite Anne Parsons, Countess of Rosse (mother of Anthony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon and husband to Princess Margaret).

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