DIT Lecturer Olivia Freeman features on RTE Brainstorm

21 February 2018

Opinion: The currency of likes: how and why teens use social media

DIT Lecturer Dr. Olivia Freeman from DIT College of Business, School of Marketing shares her opinion 'Research tells us a lot about the who, what and how many of teens and social media usage, but substantially less is known about why and how teens engage with social media' on RTE's Brainstorm. 


The statistics which emerged from the recent Secondary School Digital Trend Report published by Zeeko provided thought-provoking reading for Irish parents. The results of this research were covered in the media with salacious headlines like "Sexting: do you know what your teenager is doing on their phone?". The research revealed that 34 percent of 6th year students surveyed had engaged in ‘sexting’, defined as the act of exchanging sexually explicit content online in the form of images, videos and text.

Speaking to RTÉ News, Zeeko’s head of research Dr Marina Everri commented that this result should not be greeted with alarm by parents and that this behaviour was in line with young people’s developmental desires to explore sexuality and establish romantic relationships. She did, however, also call for education programmes that teach children to critically assess the content and potential risks associated with "sexting". 

You can read the full article here. 


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