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4 May 2018

DIT MBA Students Live Company Challenge

Problem Based Learning is an integral part of the DIT MBA programme and this April, students were given a live company challenge in collaboration vStream, a global, award-winning, experiential technology agency. Andrew Jenkinson – Co Founder of vStream, DIT College of Business key academics and MBA students were happy to share with us their experience of the process on the DIT College of Business Blog. 

Andrew Jenkinson – Co Founder, vStream brought us through his experience- ”Working with the DIT MBA Groups was an incredibly beneficial exercise for vStream. While all business owners are busy, and time is a currency in short supply, there was such a small input of the founders time for such a wealth of output, I would encourage any business owner/leader to engage with DIT on this initiative. The insights from these experienced and diverse students, all of whom have many years of industry experience, provided vStream with a number of different perspectives on how to address the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. The standard of presentation was exceptional, and the data we left with invaluable. A wonderful experience, and highly recommended.”

You can read the full article here. 

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