DIT Lecturer Alacoque McAlpine features on RTE Brainstorm

26 March 2018

Opinion: A new exhibition of Irish fashion since the 1950's also offers remarkable insights and stories about Irish people and culture

DIT Lecturer Alacoque McAlpine from DIT College of Business, School of Marketing shares her opinion 'The high cost of fast fashion' on RTE's Brainstorm. 


Fast fashion refers to fashionable clothes that are designed and manufactured as quickly as possible and sold to consumers at extremely low prices. New fast fashion garments arrive in stores weekly or even daily. They cost so little that many people can afford to fill their wardrobes with new outfits several times a year and then throw them out as soon as they go out of style. 

Fast fashion or disposable fashion has become the norm in Europe. Initially adopted by Zara and Primark, the strategy has spread throughout the entire fashion industry. The message inherent in fast fashion brands is that the items are cheap so it's OK to purchase them for only one wear. 

While fast fashion clothing may not cost the consumer much, it comes at a high price. The real cost of a €5 t-shirt lies in the low wages, dangerous working conditions and misery brought on by immense pressure from brands to churn out clothing for the lowest cost. 

You can read the full article here

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