DIT Lecturer Dr. Dee Duffy features on RTE Brainstorm

12 April 2018

Opinion: we can't blame all men for the actions of a few so it's dangerous and unhelpful to label the arrogant behaviour of some sportspeople as toxic masculinity.

Dr. Dee Duffy from DIT College of Business, School of Retail and Management shares her opinion 'Can we talk about masculinity without it being toxic?' on RTE's Brainstorm. 


If women write with a level of compassion toward men, they can be labelled a sympathiser and even a traitor to the women’s movement. On the other hand, if they criticize men too harshly, they can be dismissed as another angry feminist looking to emasculate mankind. And herein lies the problematic nature of the continuing "them against us" narrative percolating within and sustaining the gender war. It is futile and harmful to society as a whole.

In the wake of the recently concluded rape trial in Belfast, the Irish nation took to social media to express their opinions of rape, abuse, consent and male entitlement. Unfortunately, many uninformed, ignorant and antagonistic statements are out there in the digital ether. Fortunately, other more nuanced discussions and debate exist arguing the position of the male or female protagonist in the alleged rape scenario.

This is a complex issue, a contentious issue. The violation of another human, be it physically upon their body, or verbally upon their character, is wrong.

You can read the full article here.


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