DIT Lecturer Katriona Flynn features on RTE Brainstorm

1 June 2018

Opinion: Does fashion have a mental health problem?

Katriona Flynn, Lecturer in Fashion and Luxury Goods Management at DIT College of Business, School of Retail and Management shares her opinion 'Does fashion have a mental health problem?' on RTE's Brainstorm. 


In November 2016, leading fashion industry website The Business of Fashion asked if fashion has a mental health problem? Suggesting that fashion industry employers and employees are faced with unique and uncompromising pressures in the workplace, the article considered what this specific industry could learn from other sectors. 

Since 2016, many sectors have come into the spotlight with a focus on ethics, exploring safe environments and suggestions of right and wrong conduct. Whilst the film industry has been jolted and impacted by the #MeToo movement's revelations and realities, the fashion industry has yet to feel a similar full effect.

That is not to say that this industry is any less damaged and it is far from immune to similar revelations and realities. Yet in its current state, dictated and compromised by pace and speed, has the fashion industry failed to acknowledge the issues and the need for change? Fashion has long been protected by the idea of the creative visionary and this perhaps has offered the industry an allowance to behave unethically or simply badly. But in truth, very little of this poor or bad behaviour these days in the fashion sector - or indeed any sector - has to do with creativity.

You can read the full article here.

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