DIT HRM Students collaborate with Workday on Live Company Project

8 October 2018

DIT College of Business 3rd Year HRM students pictured in the European Headquarters of Workday in Dublin city centre.

Workday is a US Multinational company which provides enterprise-level software solutions for financial management, human resources, and planning with customers including Airbnb, Netflix, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Sanofi. 

On Thursday 4th October, Workday hosted DIT 3rd year BSc Human Resource Management students at their European Headquarters in Dublin city centre, the Workday team presented to them the assignment they created; a problem-based case study of a potential Workday customer. From the case study, students are required to analyse the issues the company is facing and put forward technology solutions that address these issues. They need to engage in critical thinking to see beyond transactional HR. They will present this back to Workday in December.

DIT College of Business students enjoyed their experience at Workday's EU Headquarters, from the warm welcome to the insightful speakers and were lucky to hear from key individuals on the Workday team as they presented on a number of current trends in the industry. Topics covered the changing role of business and how HR must respond to that, the role of HR Systems in developing employees that lead to profitable organisations, HR's role in developing culture, and the importance of UX and IT Security

Niall Minto, DIT lecturer on the IT and data analytics module for the BSc Human Resource Management programme, commented on the collaboration ''Such industry engagement is central to DIT's practice-focused ethos, we are very fortunate to partner with Workday and students are looking forward to presenting back the assignment in December.'' 

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