DIT Peer Mentoring Programme

14 November 2018

DIT Logistics and Supply Chain Management Students take part in DIT's Peer Mentoring Programme

Five students from the BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management volunteered to train as Peer Mentors to the first year student cohort of their programme. Peer Mentoring is a programme whereby 2nd, 3rd and final year students are assigned a group of 1st year students.  This programme helps fir‌st y‌ear ‌students talk through questions that they may have about their course, assignments and exams. In the context of third level education, peer mentoring provides positive opportunities for students to gain immediate friendships with peers, to access ‘insider’ knowledge of life as a student and to ease any anxieties. 

Organised by College Chaplain Andrew Summerville, the mentors Rory Farrelly, Andrew Fox, Erica Dowling, Jason Murphy and Sarah Lynott will assist in ensuring the first year cohort have a smooth passage through their first year in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Erica Dowling talks about why she chose to participate as a mentor ''It's a great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience of studying here at DIT with the first year students, it can be daunting making the transition to third level education and it's great that I can contribute towards students feeling more connected and more part of the college.'' 

Declan Allen- Assistant Head - School of Management was proud to see such comradery among the students, as Programme Director of the BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management ''Peer support is a system of giving and receiving help, founded on key principles of respect and shared responsibility. It is about understanding another situation empathically through shared experiences, it was certainly inspiring to see tomorrow's leaders and captains of the logistics and supply chain industry hone their leadership and mentoring skills'' 


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