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5 December 2018

The RTE Radio 1 programme Brainstorm on Sunday, 9 December at 6pm will feature an interview with Alacoque McAlpine, Lecturer and PhD researcher in Supply Chain Management in the School of Marketing at DIT.

Evolving from the already well established RTÉ Brainstorm website; this unique programme will explore new ideas, insights and thinking about Ireland and the world with a panel of academics, young and old. On the show, Alacoque will speak about the ecological and human costs associated with our increased consumption of fashion. She will explain how our consumption of fashion garments has doubled in the last 20 years, how fashion cycles have accelerated; making us feel out of fashion in just one week, and how we refill our wardrobes frequently and throw out clothing once it’s out of trend. The result of this is that clothing is piling up in landfills, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry, microfibres from highly processed fabrics are released during washing and end up in our rivers, seas and food chain, and the people who make our trendy clothes work in miserable and often dangerous conditions.

Alacoque’s PhD research focuses on closing the governance gaps in global fashion supply chains through corporate social responsibility (CSR). Her research interests revolve around the political role of the corporation,  global governance and improving working conditions in fashion supply chains .

This programme is part of RTÉ Brainstorm, an initiative between RTÉ and third level institutions in Ireland. RTÉ Brainstorm provides academics and researchers with an important platform to bring new thinking, ideas and perspectives in their areas of expertise into the public domain via RTÉ.ie. See www.rte.ie/brainstorm for details

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