TU Dublin Team arrive in Montreal for EngComm 2019

20 February 2019

The competition is underway as the team arrive at the Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Team TU Dublin arrive in Montreal for this year's Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (EngComm) with coach Dr. Eoghan O' Grady- Senior Lecturer in the School of Marketing. The team of four are represented by two businesss students and two engineering Students-Brian King and Cathal Kinirons studying Business and Management and William Tunstead and Lee Gibbons- Mechanical Engineering. The team are representing Ireland having won the National ENGCOMM Competition in November 2018, You can also read hear Read hear on the team's previous success at the ESB Inter-Colleges Challenge

EngComm 20193

Team win National ENGCOMM Competition in November 2018

Established in 2013, EngComm have been championing a worldwide effort to foster inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration before students start their professional careers focusing on combining the technical field of Engineering with the interactive field of Commerce. The competition involves teams from 16 internationally recognised academic institutions, consisting of engineering and commerce students. During the five day competition, each delegation will compete in three cases. You can follow the live action over on Twitter @engcommofficial 

Best of Luck to the team from all at TU Dublin- City Campus 

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