Six College of Business Students participate in ESTeEm Mentoring Programme

5 March 2019

Pictured: L-R- Sophie Davies (Accenture), Leslie Shoemaker (ESTeEm programme co-coordinator), Martha Sikwese (4th year Business Computing), Aleksandra Leonova (4th year Business Computing), Zoe Herbert (2nd year Business Analytics), Marie Cunney (SAP & ESTeEM Mentor), Xyrille Santos (2nd year Business Analytics) and Farrah Higgins (lecturer in Business Computing & Business Analytics).

Equality in Science and Technology by Engaged Educational Mentoring (ESTeEm) is a TU Dublin mentoring programme for female STEM students and aims to attract and retain more women in STEM courses and careers. The mentoring programme was launched in September 2017 for female engineering students, pairing students with successful women mentors from two of the largest multinational engineering companies in Ireland: Arup and Schneider Electric. 

The structured mentoring programme consists of events throughout the academic year covering themes such as the building blocks for a successful career in engineering, the range of jobs available, soft skills and technical skills, obstacles facing engineers. The goal of the mentoring programme is to provide female students with female role models who can offer guidance about career opportunities in engineering, provide support and tools for navigating this male-dominated industry, and entice more young women into the field. 

Leslie Shoemaker developed the programme and now manages it in her role as programme co-ordinator, commenting on the initiative “Due to its success, we are including students from Computer Science this year. Students who participated on the programme last year reported feeling more confident and having an increased understanding of their industry and the career opportunities available to them. They really valued meeting with other female students in their field. We hope the networks they build will help them thrive and succeed in college and beyond.”

The College of Business are delighted to have six of our undergraduate female students from Business Analytics and Business Computing participating in the programme, offering a fantastic opportunity for our students to hear from and engage with successful female role models working in the sector. 

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