TU Dublin Professor Appointed to Government Advisory Group

29 March 2019

Prof Tom Cooney, Professor of Entrepreneurship at TU Dublin- College of Business was recently appointed to the newly created SME and Entrepreneurship (SMEE) Consultation Group established by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

The establishment of the Group is in line with a recommendation contained in a draft report within the OECD’s review of SME and Entrepreneurship policy in Ireland. The function of the group will be to draw together the vast range of policy and other supports available across Government for SME/Entrepreneurship development and to ensure they contribute to an enterprise culture that allows SMEs and entrepreneurship to develop and flourish.

The group will work towards the formulation of a plan of how best to progress the conclusions and recommendations from the draft OECD Review of SME and Entrepreneurship Policies in Ireland. The Group will also examine how best to advance the SME Strategy for Ireland, currently being produced by the Department of Business, Enterprise and innovation, particularly within the context of Future Jobs Ireland.

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