Focus Group: Post-Brexit Implication on Irish Freight and Transport Sector

11 June 2019

As we continue to prepare for Brexit, the 3S Group and FTA Ireland conducts a focus group on 'Post-Brexit Implication on Irish Freight and Transport Sector' at TU Dublin College of Business on Friday the 21st of June at 11.30am.

The aim of the focus group is to discuss the anticipated Post-Brexit scenarios and their impact on the freight and transportation sector in Ireland. Different designs of supply chain networks and dynamics will be discussed aiming to increase the awareness of Brexit implications and the possible solutions to mitigate them. This is an opportunity to engage with TU Dublin Scenario Mapping team and input data that once assessed will be of benefit to you.

The 3S Group at TU Dublin look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas with Transportation and Logistics industry practitioners around the Post-Brexit scenarios and the sectors readiness to adapt with this risk. 

The discussions are planned to include:

1- Participant's concerns on the Transportation and Logistics activities performance and the critical issues to be raised in case of No-Deal scenario and the potential mitigation strategies.

2- Introduction of supply chain modelling and identifying important input parameters that managers would like to control in their investigation to Brexit implications.

3- Identifying Performance indicators that reflect the efficiency of the proposed solutions for No-Deal Brexit scenarios.

If any individual would like to participate or require further information- please contact  Dr Amr Mahfouz by email 

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