MSc. in Accounting.....what our students say:


''I chose to pursue the MSc in Accounting because I was impressed with the facilities in DIT and the delivery of the Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting that I had just completed. The athlete support programme covered my MSc. in Accounting tuition in full and I felt that embarking on the course was preferable to a year juggling work, CAP2 preparation and hurling.

In my experience the staff delivering the course were approachable, professional and above all knowledgeable in their respective fields. The materials were sufficient and relevant for future study.

One of the key experiences was drafting a report on the origin and future developments of the carbon tax system provided by the Accounting Inquiry module. There were also opportunities to develop public presentation skills in the finance modules.

What separates this course from other offerings, is the Accounting & Strategy in Practice module that provides invaluable preparation for the FAEs. The module draws on all strands of the accounting syllabus including audit, finance, management accounting, financial reporting, tax and strategic management exactly like the FAEs. We were assessed through a series of day long case study sessions requiring us to identify the relevant issues and offer possible solutions in the correct format. This module was created to provide students with a foundation for approaching the FAE exams and is a complete success. For this module alone I would recommend this course to anybody interested in pursuing a career in accountancy.''

‌Liam Rushe - Athlete Support Scholarship Recipient & MSc. in Accounting Graduate