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TU Dublin's  innovative Masters in Fashion Buying & Management is to date, the only programme of its kind being offered in the Republic of Ireland. This one year, full-time programme is designed for graduates seeking to break the exciting and fast-paced fashion buying industry. Successful graduates of the MSc in Fashion Buying & Management programme will be suitably equipped with the knowledge and practical skills required to enter into the challenging and competitive world of fashion buying.

The School of Retail and Services Management has devised this Masters in Fashion Buying and Management and customised it to the needs of the Fashion Industry. This highly anticipated route of study is one year full-time in duration. The design reflects the educational requirements and learning opportunities necessary to succeed as a fashion buyer in today`s competitive environment. The Postgraduate Diploma programme will bring together both industry experts and educators in the respective module areas.

As a student you will learn to;

- understand and appreciate the diversity of fabrics available for use in their product / garment construction, their general properties and variations in the methods of assembling them into products.
- demonstrate an understanding of the principles of ranging and merchandising in the context of overall category management and relate these to overall business of the retailer.
- understand how buying and merchandising interacts with the other key business functions, in particular: Design, Garment Technology, Marketing, Finance and Retail Operations.
- demonstrate a specialised knowledge of the range of concepts, models and processes relevant to the study of fashion buying and management.
- develop a comprehensive awareness of the significant concepts and processes of consumer behaviour.
- exercise an ability to review secondary research material, interpret multiple arguments on the subject matter, followed with the capacity to present logical critical explanations.
- take responsibility for one`s own learning and actively participate in team and group based opportunities to develop leadership and initiative.
- demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the nature of fashion distribution channels and the changing balance of power therein.
- analyse the nature and power of brands in building fashion brand equity and appreciate the particular case of luxury brands.
- develop an understanding of the key media involved in the fashion industry and an ability to describe the media in relation to types, styles, power and influence.


Barbara Mohan
Programme Manager- MSc Fashion Buying & Management

Arthur Ryan Retail Centre 
Room 2-091, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

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