Developing Values and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour

30 September 2016

Dr Vivienne Byers of the School of Management and Dr Alan Gilmer of the School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning have received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency.

 The project is one of ten projects funded nationally under the EPA’s Sustainability Research Pillar initiative.  The outputs from these projects are intended to enhance the evidence base for impactful environmental decision-making in Ireland and internationally.  This includes developing solutions for more efficient use of resources and helping to generate the knowledge and expertise needed to protect, manage and enhance Ireland's environment for the good of all its citizens. 

The DIT project, under the lead of Dr Vivienne Byers is entitled ‘Beyond Neoliberalism; Values and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour’, and will explore how individuals can be encouraged to engage in a wide range of pro-environmental practices to address both discrete environmental problems and major global challenges such as climate change. The project will address systematic, structural, and institutional perspectives on how organisations, through public policy initiatives, can develop and sustain these changes in behaviour towards sustainability in the future.

For more information on this project, please contact Dr Vivienne Byers at (e) 

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