Doctoral Candidate Jennifer Manning wins international Management Learning Award

31 March 2016

Jennifer Manning, doctoral candidate in the Business Society and Sustainability Research Centre and the School of Marketing won the Management Learning 'Most Thought-Provoking PhD Student Paper' Award at the Qualitative Research in Management and Organization Conference, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

The paper, entitled ‘Reflections on Being a Post/Decolonial Feminist Ethnographer’, is based on Jennifer’s doctoral research which focuses on the organisation and management practices of marginalised, indigenous Maya women working together in cooperative groups in rural Guatemala. As part of her research Jennifer has already spent a number of months gathering data in Guatemala and is now in the final stages of her doctoral studies. 

Jennifer’s doctoral research supervisors are Dr Paul Donnelly of the School of Marketing and Dr Miguel Imas of Kingston University.


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