Identifying Pathways to a Bioeconomy for Ireland

30 September 2015

The European bioeconomy employs some 21.5 million people and represents an annual market value over ?2 trillion.

It offers significant potential for further growth as EU member states supplement food production with sustainable technologies for production of biofuels, biofertilisers, biochemicals and bioplastics.  This market is the focus of a project funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine through the Research Stimulus Fund. The multidisciplinary team behind the project team is led by Teagasc and includes researchers from the College of Business at DIT as well as researchers from the Technology Centre for Biorefining and Bioenergy at NUI Galway, and Crop Science & Biosystems Engineering at UCD.  

Paul O’Reilly, Head of Research in the College Business, and a member of the BioÉire team explains that the project is seeking to “identify those areas that will enable Ireland to prosper in this new economy - quantifying, highlighting and developing the near-term market opportunities for Ireland. We are assessing Ireland’s natural resources and core strengths, and matching these to global market opportunities. Our objective is to identify up to 8 commercial opportunities that could be viably pursued by Irish-based producers and companies in the short-term, and make recommendations on the development frameworks that could be introduced to underpin commercial exploitation of these opportunities”.  It is anticipated that such frameworks will relate to R&D programmes, policies, regulatory measures, market supports, funding mechanisms and other initiatives. 

For more information on this project please contact Paul O’Reilly at (e)

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