Current Research Degree Students 

School of Accounting and Finance 

PhD Scholars

Rowayda Abdou

'The economics of suicide' 

Amin Aghanim

'Entrepreneurial failure' 

Walied Ahmed

'Credit risk in Islamic banking'

Abdullah Al Naimi

'Performance management and measurement of branch banking with Islamic banking branches in the Sultanate of Oman using data envelopment analysis'

Long Bui-Thanh

'Microfinance for the poor in Vietnam'

Michael Chesser

'Essays in energy economics and policy'

Klavs Ciprikis

'Occupational attainment and mental health in the EU: an empirical analysis'

Anita Doody

'An analysis of interventions to mitigate against deepening education disadvantage in Ireland'

Ali Hussein

'Understanding oil markets volatility from a global macroeconomic perspective' 

Christina Kenny

'Value in healthcare: comparing traditional and virtual clinic care pathways of preventable chronic disease in Ireland' 

Ravshan Khaydarov

'Financial mechanisms for innovation support for industry in Uzbekistan and Ireland'

Intesar Madi

'Economic implications on the Arab spring revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa'

Lucy McKeown

'Decision making in family business'

Thi Ngoc Dao

'Building indigenous industry in a small peripheral economy: foreign direct investment and high potential start-ups'

Alba Rodriguez

'Volatility and risk management in European electricity markets'

Eoin Rooney

'Hedging strategies using Bitcoin'

Qianru Shang

'On the design of employee stock options and other forms of executive remuneration: an exploration of incentives, risk taking and moral hazard'

Talal Sorour

'Influences of fluctuations of oil prices: evidence from GCC stock markets'

Sharadha Venkataramanan

'Can illegal banking behaviour be predicted?'

School of Management

MPhil Scholars

Lola Odewumi

'Implementing patient-centric health policy'

PhD Scholars

 Rabia Al Busaidi

'Employee engagement in Omani public organisations'

Shaikah Al Mutawa

'Accounting and auditing skills gap in Gulf Cooperation Council countries'

Jennifer Dann

'Too good to miss – building opportunity selection capacity to grow international business'

Selma Furtado

'ICT-enabled change and innovation in healthcare organisations: examining implementation in practice'

Elun Hack

'Exploring how technology and self-regulation assist in understanding decision making abilities in elite hockey'

Malachy Hanberry

'The diffusion of knowledge between academia and business in the area of business strategy'

Lindsay Harrison

'Integrated healthcare innovation: implementing policy through developing professional competency and communicative person centred care'

Akanksha Lohmore

'Trust me, I’m your leader: do male and female leaders differ in perceived trustworthiness?'

Niall Minto

'How do leading organisations develop new strategies and business models?'

Mona Mohamed

'Understanding how organisations connect human capital planning'

Simon Mooney

'Conceptualising and integrating socio-hydrology: development of a water communication framework for reduction of public health risks to hydrological events'

Steve O’Sullivan

'Engaging in the process of dynamic supply chain alignment: a corporate and military comparative study'

School of Marketing

MPhil Scholars

Francis Behan

'An exploratory study of the role and contribution absorptive capacity plays in the successful commercialisation of knowledge intensive entrepreneurial firms (KTPs)'

PhD Scholars

Saad Ahmed

'Disciplined innovation process project'

Abubakar Ali

'Supply chain resilience'

Ran Bi

'Brand selection of consumer production among Chinese consumers'

Amy Cannon

'Preventing suicide: harnessing youth mental health discourses through social marketing'

Kingsley Chilaka Njoku

'Is evolution realist theory on entrepreneurial opportunity formation absolute?'

Gavan Cleary

'How can effectuation support the development of shared value initiatives and social enterprise?'

Norah Cussen

'Self-help: balancing effectuation with entrepreneurship policy to generate sustainable regional economic growth'

Victoria Doyle

'Online investment crowd funding pitches: analysing entrepreneurial performances and communications interactions in the constitution of new enterprise'

Vania Filipova

How and when alcohol marketing influences student drinking

Beverley Finnegan

An exploration of planning and implementing organisational change in the retail industry

Joseph Fitzgerald

Understanding the circulation of expert business discourse: a discourse analysis of how Irish business discourses construct the National Asset Management Agency

Keiron Fletcher

'An ethical perspective of subsidiary management'

Jenni Floody

'How do Irish farmers problem solve within their own informal social networks?'

Kisito Futonge Nzembayie

'What mechanisms drive the growth process of pure digital entrepreneurial intervention?'

Sylvia Gavigan

'From aid to trade: how can entrepreneurship empower females in emerging African economies?'

Osa Godwin Osaghae

'How does national culture relate to levels of entrepreneurial activity amongst Africans in Ireland and Austria?'

Ciara Graham

'An examination of business media discourses on enterprise policy from 1950 to 2015 using discourse analysis methodologies'

Con Kennedy

'Managing design for profits: how can design entrepreneurs form and manage design practices?'

Leila Keshtkar

'Optimisation based healthcare analytics platform for improving patient experience at Irish hospitals'

Jade Kim

'Reshaping social roles and identity through new media'

Ewan MacDonald

'Discourse analysis of budget speeches: UK, Ireland, Canada'

Siobhan Maguire

'A networked approach to innovation in agrifood: the effect of practices and controls on network outcomes'

Paul McEvoy

'Can knowledge brokers or champions be a valid addition to knowledge dissemination and assimilation in the public sector?'

Paul McManus

'How does knowledge sharing influence wellbeing?'

Paul Monaghan

'Brand selection of consumer products among the Chinese consumers'

Omeife Nkechinyem

'University to industry knowledge transfer'

Siham Rahoui

'Integrated decision support system for retail supply chain managers'

Ahmed Ramy Elshanawany

'Individual knowledge assessment – new framework for effective human capital planning'

Emma O’Brien

'How can HEIs effectively utilise community engagement to develop entrepreneurial mindsets amongst disadvantaged groups?''

Damien O’Shaughnessy

'Investigating the role of strategic partnerships in the internationalisation of SMEs'

Kieran Sheahan

'Sales process within Irish SMEs'

Sarah Strange

'New domesticity: constructing female identity in post-feminist consumer culture'

Fardus Sultan

'Audiences for social media influencers: media literacy skills'

Emma Sweeney

'Young people’s advertising and commercial literacy in the social media context'

Diane Tangney

'Exploring the interdisciplinary practices and processes of creative synergy' 

Albert Veksler

'Transparency through lobbying regulation: a comparative examination of lobbying legislation and regulation in four countries'

School of Retail and Services Management

PhD Scholars

Karl Downes

'The history of the retail structure of the Republic of Ireland 1933 to present'

Hana Hlochova

'An investigation of the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer loyalty'