PhD Opportunities at the DIT Graduate Business School RESEARCH HUB


The Research Hub at the Graduate Business School in the College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology is pleased to announce two PhD Scholarships for researchers to undertake key projects in the School.  In these projects, the PhD researcher will be an integral part of a wider international research project under the guidance of DIT and internationally leading supervisors.

The successful applicants will receive a stipend of €15,000 per annum and a waiver of PhD fees. A budget for research costs including conference attendance will also be available.

Research Scholarship Projects

(i) From SME to MNC: Opportunity Recognition within Internationalisation

This project’s will focus on how small and medium sized enterprises from peripheral nations such as Ireland achieve growth through internationalisation of their activities. Ireland has been a success story for foreign direct investment for several decades, but to date the specific challenges of achieving firm growth through internationalisation within the indigenous sector has been largely overlooked. This project will examine how the headquarters of these small MNCs identify opportunities in international markets, focusing specifically on subsidiary / headquarter interactions throughout the phases of opportunity recognition/resource commitment.

(ii) From New Business Models to Emerging Eco-systems

This project’s novel approach is to focus on the emergence of mobile health and wellbeing as a fieldwork that can be analysed in multiple ways to provide insights on significant strategic and management issues. Mobile health has been the vector of transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. Frontiers are moving and new entrants are proposing health and well-being solutions that partially substitute and/or complement medical ones. Solutions involve telecommunication companies, robots, equipment as well as advanced technology capabilities like nanotechnologies and bio-informatics. This new landscape questions the expertise of medical doctors and is reconfiguring the whole field of health and wellbeing. New business models are emerging and the entire eco-system is transforming. 

The Research Hub is located in the Graduate Business School.  The purpose of the Research Hub is to create a collaboration platform in the Graduate Business School that will attract and support a network of researchers that includes current DIT faculty researchers, research scholars who have graduated from the DIT College of Business PhD Programme, and research partners with long term ties to the College of Business.  In this context projects are situated in international collaborations with leading researchers and the research programme aligns to the key themes of the Graduate Business School - Strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.  The Head of the Graduate Business School, Dr Katrina Lawlor is the DIT research leader for the initiative and the Research Hub is led by Professor Vincent Mangematin of Grenoble Ecole de Management and Adjunct Professor at the Graduate Business School in DIT.

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