School of Management Team


Head of School

Paul O' Reilly

T: 01-4023162


Assistant Head of School, Head of Department of Management Studies

Declan Allen

T: 01-4023030



Head of Department of Management Information Systems

Hugh O'Donnell

T: 01-4027106

Room Number: 3101

Head of Department of Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Mary Prendergast

T: 01-4023202

Room Number: 3202



Full Time Academic Staff in the School


Name Academic Specialism/Role Phone No Room No Email
Lecturing Staff        
Bridgett, Andrew Accounting
Byers (Dr.), Vivienne Organisational Behaviour & Change 3186 5-063
Byrne, Diarmuid Statistics/Quantitative Analysis 3200 3-020
Cuffe, Pat Human Resource Management
Doran, Eileen Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3206 3-019
Dunne, Robert Law    1-019
Farrell, Margaret (Doctorate in progress) Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3240 3-007
Filonenko (Dr.), Viacheslav Management Information Systems   3-020
Fleming, Edward Accounting and Finance 3221 5-063
Gregory, Orla Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3215 3-017
Guilfoyle, Cearbhall Accounting
Higgins, Catherine (Doctorate in progress) Management Information Systems 3164 1-003
Hooper (Dr.), Daire Market Research and Research Methods 3212 5-063
Hurley (Dr.), Teresa Management 3009 3-099
Jenning, Audrey Management Information Systems 3280 1-003
Jennings, Marian Law 3121 G-034
Ji Hyland (Dr.), Chao Logistics & Supply Chain Management   1-019
Kelly, Maeve Human Resource Management 3129 G-043
Kinahan (Dr.), Mary Human Resource Management   1-019
Kuklyte (Dr.), Jogile  Managing Information Systems
Mahfouz (Dr.), Amr Managing Information Systems 3072 2-092
Manning (Dr.), Jennifer Strategic Management  3245 1-019
Matthews, Patrick Managing Information Systems 3242 3-021
Mulhall (Dr.), Sue  Human Resource Management 7090 3-050
Munnelly (Dr.), Jenny  Management Information Systems  7171  4-103
McBride (Dr.), Claire Enterprise & Innovation 3276 3-007
McGrath, John (Doctorate in progress) Project Management 3149 1-018
McMahon (Dr.), Gerry Human Resource Management  3203  3-020
O'Cairbre (Dr.), Aongus Management Information Systems 3250 1-018
O'Callaghan, John Marketing & Management 7019 5-032
O' Connor (Dr.), Neil Management Information Systems 3265 3-020
Pham (Dr.), Thoa Management Information Systems 3200 3-020
Ridge, Sean Accounting Information Systems
Rossiter, Elaine (Doctorate in progress) Human Resource Management 3259 1-002
Ryan, Don Management Information Systems 3259 1-002
Administrative Staff        
Nicola Lancaster School Administrator 3031 3-098
Visiting Lecturers        
Bermik V. Ivanovich Visiting Professor