Dr Vivienne Byers

Senior Lecturer/Principal Investigator, Health Policy & Management

Room 5-063,  Aungier St. 




t: +353 1 402 3186
f: +353 1 402 3291
e: vivienne.byers@dit.ie



PhD                        University of Limerick (Health Policy and Planning)

MSc                         Trinity College, Dublin (Communication & Development Studies) 

MA (Mgmnt)           Institute of Public Administration (NUI) (Health Services Management)

Cert Lang Path       Vrije Universteit, Brussels (Neurolinguistics & Commun

BA (Mod)                Trinity College, Dublin (Speech & Language Therapy).



Vivienne Byers is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology and lectures in healthcare and public sector policy, planning & management, as well as in organisational behaviour and change. She also lectures as adjunct faculty in University College Dublin in the area of healthcare management at postgraduate level and has carried out consultancy in the health sector. She has significant experience working in the health services in Ireland and internationally, as a health services manager and as a health professional.

She is currently undertaking a number of research projects in health policy, sustainability policy, ICT implementation, healthcare leadership and the patient experience. Outputs include peer reviewed publications, book chapters and conference presentations. She has won a number of student scholarship awards and attracted national funding (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sustainability Funding Award, Fingal County Council). As a member of the leadership team of the Environmental, Sustainability and Health Institute she chairs the policy group. She is currently on the Management Committee of an EU networked project on cost containment and quality in healthcare. She continues to seek national & international funding through established consortia.


Select Journal Articles

Swallmeh E, Byers V & Arisha, A. (in press 2018) Informing Quality in Emergency Care: Understanding Patient Experience. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance (August 2018).

Byers, V. Fahey, D., Mullins, C. & Roe, C. (in press 2017) The Patient Survey Programme: Transforming the Patient Experience in Irish Healthcare . Administration, 65 (4).

Byers, V. (2017) Healthcare for all in Ireland? The Consequences of Politics for Health Policy. World Medical & Health Policy. 9(1): 138–151. DOI:10.1002/wmh3.217

Gilmer, A. McGarrity, M & Byers, V. (2016) Resolving the policy paradox: the case of biofuel production in Ireland. International Journal of Energy Sector Management. 10(4): 659 – 677.

Byers, V. (2016) Democratic Governance & Health: Hospitals, Politics and Health in New Zealand.  Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 41(3):483-488

Byers, V. (2015) Change in Healthcare Organisations: Leadership from the front-line. Journal of Nursing Management. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12342 

Byers, V. (2009) Planning in the Irish health services: Legislative strategy or administrative control? Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare, 2, 1, 15-27.

Byers, V. (2005) The College’s golden age – to Dublin in 1985. Speech & Language Therapy in Practice 2, 2, 10-11 

Byers, V. (1996) Speech pathology in Ireland. Communique 10, 4, 20-21

Byers, V. (1995) Ten years on, only thirty-three years to go. Human Communication 4, 4, 10-11.


Chapter(s) in Books

Byers, V. (2018 - forthcoming) Across the Borders of Scholarly Communities In P. Hupe (ed) Research Handbook on Street-Level Bureaucracy: The Ground Floor of Government in Context. Edward Elgar Research Handbooks on Public Policy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Byers, V. (2017) Creativity Innovation and Change. In E. Curtis and J. Cullen (eds) Leadership and Change for the Health Professional. Open University Press

Byers, V. & Halligan, P. (2017) Leadership Education for Health Professionals. In E. Curtis and J. Cullen (eds) Leadership and Change for the Health Professional. Open University Press

Byers, V. (2016) Communication in the workplace. In Cross. C & Carberry, R. (eds) Organisation Behaviour: A Concise Introduction. Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan.


Research projects & funding

Principal Investigator Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sustainability Funding Award: Beyond Neoliberalism: Values & Sustainable Consumption Behaviour (2016) 

Principal Investigator. Fingal County Council: Policy & Management Protocol for Water Quality (2017)


Conference Papers

Odewumi, O. Byers, V


What can the Irish Healthcare System learn from health policy implementation research?

Irish Academy of Management Conference, IAM, UCD

Brown Mahoney, C., Fox, M., Van der Heijden, B.  Byers, V


Nurses’ Job and Occupational Turnover: Old Approaches, New Directions.

Academy of Management, USA

Singh, N.  Byers, V


Is obesity suffering from ‘inequality syndrome’ in Irish policy?

Irish Social Policy Conference, Dublin

Odewumi, O. Byers, V


Implementation of Integrated Care Policy: A Comparative Study

Irish Social Policy Conference, Dublin

Byers, V.


Health Care for all in Ireland? The Consequences of Politics for Health Policy

Irish Social Policy Conference, Dublin

Byers, V


Universal Health Care Policy?: Ireland’s Health Reform Journey in the Face of Political Austerity

Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Conference, USA

Byers, V.


Coping with contradictions: Implementing a Community Services Integrated Healthcare Strategy.

British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference, Portsmouth, UK

Gilmer, A.  Byers, V.


Charting new pathways towards sustainable carbon management in the landscape: Modelling systems for policy design.

Irish Academy of Management Conference, NUIG

Byers, V.


Street-level Work in Context: Implementing Healthcare Policy.

International Conference on Public Policy, Milan

Byers, V.


Policy implementation & situated practice in healthcare: the Street-level perspective. 

MPSA Conference, USA

Byers, V., Davey, S.  McAdam, R.


Patient-centric challenges in health reform: perspectives from two systems.

BAM Conference, Ulster University

Coyle, T.

Byers, V.


Changing front-line services: targeting the occupational culture, a street-level perspective.

Irish Academy of Management Conference, UL

Hayes, M.,

Gilmer, A. Byers, V.


Managing sustainable supply chains - can policy lead us out of the practice labyrinth?

Irish Academy of Management Conference, UL

Byers, V.


Equity in Health Care Policy: Political Rhetoric or Street-Level Practice.

Political Science Association Conference, Manchester

Byers, V.


Values in Healthcare Reform: The Street-level Perspective

Midwest Political Science Association Conference, USA

Byers, V., Davey, S. Brennan, M


Patient Centric Challenges in Healthcare Reform: The Irish Situation

IAM  Conference, WIT

Gilmer, A. Byers, V.


The Development of a General Model for Space-Time Events in Distribution Network Analysis.

Irish Academy of Management Conference, WIT

Byers, V.


Reconciling Policy and Organisational Implementation: Making Sense of Irish Health Reform

International Conference on Public Policy, Grenoble

Byers, V.


Making Sense of Irish Health Care Management: The Street Level Public Organisation (SLPO)

11th World Congress of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, UL

Byers, V.


Making Sense of Health Care Planning in Ireland; the Street Level Public Organization (SLPO). 

International Research Society for Public Management  (IRSPM) TCD

Byers, V.



Renewing Health Services Management Research: Redrawing the Citizen-Client in Irish Health care Policy.

Irish Academy of Management Conference CIT

Byers, V.


Irish Healthcare; The Evidence on Communicating Policy.

Political Studies Association of Ireland Conference, DIT


Other Publications:

Byers, V. (2011). Service Planning and Organisational Change in the Health Sector: A Study in Control. Saarbrücken: LAP Publishing (Monograph)

Byers, V. (2007). Service Planning and Organisational Change in the Health Sector: A Study in Control. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Limerick: University of Limerick.

Byers, V. (1999). Service Planning in the Health Sector. Unpublished MA Thesis. Dublin: IPA.

Byers, V. (1996). An Investigation of the Receptive Syntactic Skills in Children with Phonological Disabilities. Unpublished MSc Thesis. Dublin: Trinity College.


Professional Engagement

External Examiner National University of Ireland, Galway PhD (Health Governance & Policy 2016)

External Examiner Institute of Public Administration (NUI) (2004-2012).


Committee Membership

Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute (ESHI - DIT) (Member of Leadership Team)

Chair of Policy Group – Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute (ESHI)

EU COST Action: CA15222 - European Network for cost containment and improved quality of health care (Member of Management Committee).

Irish Academy of Management (Member of Council 2014 to date)     

Irish Social Policy Association (ISPA) (Member of Committee 2012 to date) 

Editorial Board Member: Irish Business Journal

Leadership in Healthcare Network (Member of Committee)

Research Committee, College of Business, DIT.

Academic Advisor 3S Group (DIT) (Smart Sustainable Solutions for Business Processes)


Professional Memberships/Involvement

Academy of Management (USA)

Irish Academy of Management

British Academy of Management

International Public Policy Association

Irish Social Policy Association

Society for Studies in Organizing Healthcare

Midwestern Political Science Association

Strategy as Practice International Network

Aurora Womens’ Leadership Group

European Group for Public Administration (EGPA)

International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM).



Research Students


Tom Coyle

Occupational Culture in An Garda Síochána


Lola Odewumi


The Role of Practices in Implementing Integrated Healthcare Reform


Niraj Singh

Values and Consumption Behaviour: the Case of Obesity


Rabia Al Busaidi

Exploring Employee Involvement in Omani Public Organisations


Esmat Swallmeh

Health Care Management

PhD (PT)

Caroline Tansey

An examination of Leader Cognition in the Non-profit Sector

PhD (PT)

Selma Furtado

ICT implementation in Healthcare