The Digital Marketing Research Group (DMRG)

The DMRG is dedicated to the advancement of academic knowledge and industry application of the wider topic areas of digital marketing strategy, analytics, and technology. The DMRG aims to facilitate national and international leading scholarly and industry research in the field of digital marketing, addressing the needs of business and society in the thematic areas of digital advertising and social media, mobile marketing, platform and cloud services, web data management, and innovative digital technologies. The group provides an inclusive and outward looking environment for research development, fostering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research to achieve maximum impact in real-world applications.

The DMRG is committed to understanding the risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with new disruptive and transformative ways of doing business today, by exploring and operationalising collaborative problem solving research in the digital age. The key principles of the DMRG is to contribute through rigorous and meaningful research, academic and industry collaboration and impact reflected in our commitment to increase quality, quantity, and output of our research endeavour.

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