Aidan O'Driscoll




School of Marketing

College of Business

Dublin Institute of Technology

Aungier Street Campus, Dublin 2

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BA, Trinity College Dublin, 1973;  MA, Trinity College Dublin, 1975;  MEcon (econometrics), University College Dublin, 1977;  PhD, University of Ulster, 2003;  FMII, 1992


Professor Aidan O’Driscoll is professor emeritus, school of marketing, at the Dublin Institute of Technology. His research interests are in strategy, sustainability, and consumption behavior. He is the author or co-author of over 100 publications including journal articles, books, edited books, case studies, refereed and invited conference papers (see selected publications). He was conferred with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the UK Academy of Marketing in 2015.


He is a co-founder of the Business, Society and Sustainability research centre in DIT’s college of business, and a research member of the Dublin Energy Lab (DEL), an interdisciplinary technology group in DIT.


He was founder and editor, over its 21 volumes to 2011, of Irish Marketing Review, a scholarly journal classified by the Association of Business Schools (ABS) that provided an important platform of publication to Irish and international academics and practitioners in an era of challenging marketing development. He was managing director of Mercury Publications which published Irish Marketing Review and a number of books and monographs in marketing and management.


He has been a visiting professor at University of Ulster on an EU Marie Curie (TMR) fellowship, a Chazen visiting scholar at Columbia University graduate school of business, New York, and a visiting researcher at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, and is an alumnus of Boston College. He has also been a visiting professor at Bocconi University, Milan, in autumn 2014, and at the University of Naples Federico II in November 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.


He is a fellow and former council member, honorary secretary, and treasurer of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII), the discipline’s professional body. Among many awards for teaching, innovation in learning, and publication, he received the A. C. Cunningham award for distinguished service to marketing education in 2000. In 2018 he was awarded the Shelby D. Hunt award, with his two co-authors, for the most cited article in the Journal of Macromarketing over the previous five years.


He is currently a consultant with a number of firms in the energy, technology and media sectors, including the experience technology company, vStream, that pioneers experiential advertising/marketing using innovative digital platforms. He teaches strategic management at Maynooth University.



Selected Publications  (Aidan O’Driscoll)


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