Professor Paul Donnelly


‌‌‌‌  Professor of Management and Organisation Studies
  College of Business
  Dublin Institute of Technology
  Aungier Street (3-062)
  Dublin 2

  p: (+353-1) 4023182



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 I joined Dublin Institute of Technology in 2004, following my move from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA.  Prior to moving to the US to study for my PhD, I worked in various roles (head of customer relations, head of internal communications, executive assistant to the commercial director, and business analyst) with Telecom Éireann (now eir).

As Professor of Management and Organisation Studies, I teach final year undergraduate and postgraduate students in the areas of strategy, organisational behaviour and organisational theory. In terms of my teaching, I take the stance that I am not the ‘sage on the stage’ and that my students are not passive vessels to be filled with knowledge. Instead, I seek to engage students as active accomplices in their own learning —including critically examining knowledge and embedded assumptions— through creating an interactive, participative and collaborative learning space. As such, my role is that of a facilitator guiding students in their learning and encouraging both peer-to-peer and self-directed learning, thereby serving to lessen their dependence on me as the ‘all-knowing expert’ and placing more emphasis on their own abilities as learners.

With an affinity for exploring management and organisation through the lenses of critical management studies, and working with qualitative methodologies, my research seeks to understand the experiences and practices of people and groups at the margins of management and organisation research. Also, at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, I am developing a growing interest in the future of work. I welcome expressions of interest from prospective MPhil and PhD students in these or related areas.

I am a Fulbright Fellow, Taiwan Fellow, and College of Business Research Fellow.  I am active in both service and engagement internally (e.g., member of School, College and Institute Committees, Fulbright Ambassador to DIT) and externally (e.g., Independent Member of the National Economic and Social Council, Expert Evaluator and Monitor with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, Incoming Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Academy of Management, Member of the Division and Interest Group Relations Committee of the Academy of Management, Past Division Chair of the Critical Management Studies Division of the Academy of Management, international journal peer reviewing, panel chair/member for the Fulbright Commission Ireland Awards, and President Emeritus of the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association).