Professor Paul Donnelly


‌‌‌‌  Professor of Management and Organisation Studies
  College of Business
  Dublin Institute of Technology
  Aungier Street (3-062)
  Dublin 2

  p: (+353-1) 4023182



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I started out exploring organisational and institutional forming, in the empirical and historical context of Ireland’s economic/industrial development, through the more processual lenses of path dependence theory and actor network theory. Thanks to a Taiwan Fellowship, this research has expanded to incorporate Taiwan. Flowing from my doctoral training, I also have an affinity for exploring management and organisation through the lenses of critical management studies. In the wake of the global financial crisis (2008), my interest in economic/industrial development from above has evolved to encompass socioeconomic development from below. Thus, I have an interest in understanding the experiences and practices of people and groups at the margins of management and organisation research and exploring the potential of alternative approaches to doing management and organisation. Further, with the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, I have an interest in the future of work, which future may well be marked by the absence of work, thus calling on us to very much question the centrality of work in society. Altogether, my multidisciplinary research offers the potential to have impact beyond journal publications through seeking to inform policy and practice.

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