The Student Counselling and Development Service


THE DIT Counselling Service provides support and help for you to reach your academic goals. Any problem that interferes with your ability to concentrate on your college work or enjoy life as a student can be discussed and explored with a counsellor.

If you need to make an appointment with the counselling service please consider one of the following options:


 Use the Booking System : Complete online Booking Form

When you receive an  Assessment Appointment,  the counsellor will work with you to determine your needs. In many cases this one meeting provides enough support for you to manage your situation without further help.

Otherwise the Assessment helps us identify if you would benefit from ongoing counselling (1-5 sessions) or other supports. During very busy times there may be a delay while you wait for your follow-up appointment, but we will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We also provide Group Support which may be an option for you.

If required we offer information on other services which may assist you within DIT or in some cases referral to external services such as Primary Care Services, Addiction Treatment Services, Psychiatric Services etc. as appropriate.



If you need emergency services, are concerned for your safety or it is out of working hours/ term    time

Your GP or GP-out-of-hours service 

 Your nearest Accident and Emergency department or health service


116 123 (free call) 24hrs/7days


 Pieta House

Pieta House is a non-profit organisation providing a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming behaviours.

 Emergency Services

Fire Brigade, Gardai, and Ambulance

Telephone :  112 OR 999




DIT Student Counselling Service:  0860820543














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