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Students who feel that they might have a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, can apply to be screened by one of our assessors. The results of this screening do not confirm whether or not a student has dyslexia. These results indicate whether or not there is a likelihood that they may have dyslexia, and make recommendations based on that.

Screenings are available on a limited basis; to book a screening, please see below. There are a limited number of appointments available; once these have been used up, no more appointments will be available until next academic year.

If the results indicate that there is a strong likelihood that a student may have dyslexia, then it is recommended that the student attend an Educational Psychologist for a formal assessment. The Educational Psychologist can then offer a definitive diagnosis.

If the results do not indicate that there is a strong likelihood that a student may have dyslexia, or if the results are inconclusive, then the student is not referred for further assessment. The student may seek further assessment on their own initiative should they wish.

"Dyslexia: The Facts" 

If you feel that you might have Dyslexia please read the following fact sheet covering the main characteristics of Dyslexia:


Dyslexia Screening

Before students can book a dyslexia screening they must fill in the checklist below and return it to the Disability Service.

You can download the checklist here: Dyslexia Adult Checklist

Please return to your on-site Learning Support Officer (see our contact page)

The learning support officer will then arrange an appointment with the student to come in for a dyslexia screening.

Dyslexia screening tests

Dyslexia screenings take place to highlight the students’ individual educational strengths and weakness. The dyslexia screening will seek to specify if there is an indication that the student has dyslexia. This screening will take two hours and will consist of the following three screening tests:

  • Initial Questionnaire/Checklist (see above)
  • WRIT (Wide Range Intelligence Test)
  • DAST (Dyslexia Adult Screening Test)

The learning support officer will meet the student for a further appointment to discuss the results of the screening. The learning support officer will recommend if it’s advisable that the student should get a full psycho-educational assessment from an educational psychologist. 

*Students who wish to avail of supports and exam accommodations from the Disability Service must have a full psycho-educational report which has been completed by a registered (PSI) Educational/Clinical Psychologist. This report must contain both standard scores and percentiles relating to both cognitive (intellectual) functioning, attainment (literacy) functioning and clearly state that the student has a Specific Learning Difficulty. 

Dates for Dyslexia Screening:

Students are welcome to put their name on a waiting list for dyslexia screening. To add your name to the list, please contact the disability service office on (01) 4027681 or disability@dit.ie

Dyslexia screening will take place during the dates below.  More dates may be added during the year.

It is the policy of the disability service not to offer dyslexia screening in the six weeks before and during examinations.

Dates for Dyslexia Screening 2016/17

South Side

Dates to be decided

North Side

Dates to be decided

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