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Disability Support Service - Confidentiality 

DIT encourages students with disabilities to disclose information on their disability/specific learning difficulty to the Disability Support Service before they apply to DIT or at any point during their studies. 

Such disclosure is encouraged so that DIT and the Disability Support Service can work with the student in ensuring that any reasonable accommodation required is identified and facilitated in conjunction with the student. 

Any documentation or information presented in disclosing a disability is held by the Disability Service/College Health Service (where relevant), and specific medical or other documentation will not be disclosed to any third party. 

Where a student requests and is granted any form of reasonable accommodation such as extra time in exams, or permission to record lecturers’ notes, the Disability Support Service will, in consultation with the student, disclose relevant information to the individuals in those departments responsible for providing or facilitating students in accessing such accommodations. 

In such instances, only information relevant to the particular situation will be disclosed.