Disability Support Service Equipment Policy

  1. The provision of equipment is based on the specific AT needs of the individual student and is contingent on their Needs Assessment, supporting documentation, and funding status.
  2. If computers are supplied we do so purely to facilitate the Assistive Technology needs of the student. Any damage or breakages to the equipment must be reported to the Assistive Technology Officer as soon as possible.  If the fault is due to misuse by the student, then you the student must bear the cost of repair.
  3. It is the student's responsibility to make backup copies of all important files.
  4. All final year students given equipment by the Disability Service and funded by the National Access Office must return the equipment by July 31st.
  5. All student files must be removed from computers before they are returned.  All machines will have the DIT image reinstalled so the Disability Service cannot be responsible for any files lost.
  6. As this is a College machine you are bound by the DIT Acceptable User Policy which prohibits use of the computer to access or distribute offensive, obscene or threatening material plus any infringement of copyright or the proprietary rights of software.
  7. Only software needed by students for their courses can be installed on Disability Service computers.  If students require specific software they must inform the Assistive Technology Officer.
  8. All equipment is intended to support the education and Assistive Technology needs of the student and should not be used by other people.
  9. While using laptops with a power lead students should remove the battery.
  10. Laptop batteries need to be charged and discharged at least once a week. This is essential to maximise battery life.

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