DIT Policy on Photocopying/Printing Allowances for Students with Disabilities


The aim of the DIT Disability Support Service is to ensure that no student is at an educational disadvantage because of their disability; similarly, we do not offer students an unfair advantage over others based on their disability. Students who are eligible for funding from the Fund for Students with Disabilities may be allocated a photocopying/printing allowance. This policy is concerned with these allowances, how they are allocated, their proper use and the procedure for "topping-up" accounts.

Use of Photocopying/Printing Allowance

The printing/photocopying allowance is intended for students to use for a reason related to their disability. These reasons can include photocopying their classmates' notes if their disability prevents them from taking their own notes (e.g. dyslexia), or downloading and printing notes from WebCourses. The allowance is not intended for students to (e.g.) photocopy books or journals from the library. Using this allowance to photocopy books/journals would be giving an unfair advantage to students registered with the service, as other students have to pay for the use of printing/photocopying facilities.

"Topping-up" Allowances

The DIT Disability Service conducts a review of students' printing/photocopying accounts periodically throughout the academic year, usually once per semester. Each student is given an initial allocation of €50. When the student accounts are reviewed in the second semester, each account is "topped-up" to a total balance of €50.

This means that if a student has no balance left on their account at the start of the second semester, they will receive a new allocation of €50. If they have a balance of €5, they will receive an additional €45 to bring the total to €50 and so on.

The Disability Service does not top-up students on an individual request basis. If a student uses up their printing allowance quickly, the student must wait until the next periodic review, when their account may be topped-up. In the interim, students have to pay for printing/photocopying facilities or may request the use of printing facilities in the Assistive Technology Rooms in the libraries at DIT Aungier St or Bolton St, subject to availability.



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