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How to register with the Disability Support Services?

Your Learning Support Officer (LSO) and Assistive Technology Officer (ATO) will work with you to assess the level of support required. There are several steps involved in the registration process:

Step 1

Contact the main office by emailing or phone 01 220 5008/5097. You will then be notified who your Learning Support Officer will be and how to make an appointment.

Step 2

When you meet with your Learning Support Officer they will take your details and examine your supporting documentation, as well as discuss the supports that you received previously (either at school or another college). You should bring copies of all of your supporting documentation with you to this meeting.

Please ensure all your documentation is up to date. Note: If you are entering DIT through the DARE Scheme, we will already have copies of your documentation.

Step 3

Your LSO will then work with you to prepare a support plan, including exam supports, ongoing supports, and a referral for an Assistive Technology assessment.

Step 4

You will then meet with your Assistive Technology Officer (ATO), who will carry out an assessment to determine what, if any, software/hardware you need to assist you in your studies.

Step 5

Once this process has been completed, the DSS contacts relevant departments within DIT (e.g. Examination Offices) on your behalf to inform them of your support needs.