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Downloads and Resources


Other DIT Services:

Careers Development Centre

Academic Writing Centre: 
AWC Information

Booking an appointment

Maths Learning Centre: 
MLSC Information


Dyslexia Information:

Brain HE - Online Learning Strategies & Resources:

LD Online:

International Dyslexia Association(USA):

British Dyslexia Association (BDA):

Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI):

Dyslexia at College- great tips and skills for adapting to studying at
third level with an SpLD):


Assistive Technology Training Guides and links:

Texthelp Read & Write

Read & Write Gold for PC Training Guide

Read & Write Gold for Mac Training Guide

Read & Write Training Guide



Learning Styles:

Felder Model for learning styles (Excellent online learning styles

Fleder Learning Styles Description:

Fleder home page( Index of Learning Styles):

What's your learning style? Take the quiz:


Study and Assignment Skills

Skills for Study:Stella Cottrell (expert on study skills for third
level, this website is a companion to her excellent book, The Study
Skills Handbook(2008))

How to Study (including the ten study habits of effective learners):


Assignment Survival Kit - to help you plan your assignments effectively

Assignment Survival Kit (University of Kent)


Mind mapping:

Tony Buzan(the mind mapping guru!):

Mind Tools:


Academic Writing, Spelling and Grammar:

Ask Oxford (most common Spelling and Grammar questions):

Spelling (most common misspelled words)

The Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary list: this list of 220 words represents three quarters of all words used in academic books, newspapers, and magazines.

The Academic Phrasebank: Tips on how to improve your introduction, conclusion and general writing.



WAM (Willing Able Mentoring- supported employment opportunities for

AHEAD(Assoication of higer education access & disability)

FAS( supported employment programme):

AHEAD: (Guidelines for Disclosure):