Medical Certification

A medical cert will only be issued if the student has attended the Student Health Centre, contacted the Student Health Centre at the time of illness or event , or if confirmatory evidence detailing the problem is presented to the Student Health Centre from an appropriate source.

Attendance at the Student Health Centre

If you require a medical certificate, the best thing to do is phone or come in to one of the Student Health Centres. We operate an appointment based system. You can arrange an appointment by phoning the Student Health Centre.
If there are no doctors appointments available please make an appointment to see a nurse that day.

Certificate by Phone

Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay at home. By phoning one of the nurses you can obtain advice. Please phone early in the day so that we can have the opportunity to phone you back and arrange a doctor’s appointment if necessary for you that day.

Other Sources

You can visit your own GP if you wish.
If necessary you can complete a Personal Circumstances Form.
If you are so unwell that you cannot sit an exam you must be examined by a doctor on the same day or during your illness.