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Student Assistance Fund

Funds have been raised and donations bequested to the Student Assistance Fund.

This funding is in addition to funds from the Irish Government and the European Social Fund.

This additional funding has been very beneficial particularly in the current climate when student grants have been cut and govenment funding  greatly reduced. This has enabled the service to assist a lot more students who found themselves in financial difficulty which would not otherwise have been possible.

Contributors in previous years were as follows:

TU Dublin Foundation through funds raised by the Fashion Show

Spar (Ireland) Ltd

Dunnes Stores

Bus Eireann

TU Dublin Foundation

The TU Dublin - Dublin City Campus Student Assistance Fund through the TU Dublin Foundation is extremely grateful for the generous support of donors who help us to meet the needs of even more students.  The TU Dublin - Dublin City Campus Student Assistance Fund is a lifeline for many students who struggle to meet their financial needs while at TU Dublin.  If you would like to learn more about the TU Dublin Foundation and  how you can support students at TU Dublin please click here


TU Dublin Foundation is a registered charity established to work with generous donors who wish to make an impact at TU Dublin.