Child Care Support Scheme - The Sceme has closed for 2017/2018.

The Childcare Assistance Fund provides, where possible, financial support to parents who are fulltime  DIT students* with children in a crèche or registered childminder. This scheme is designed to help those in severe financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances or students who are disadvantaged and require additional financial support to continue their third-level studies.

Children must be enrolled with a Creche or official Childminder**. The maximum funding available for 2017/2018 for all children is €2200.

The Creche or Childminder must provide written evidence that they are registered/notified with HSE/Tusla*

Students seeking childcare assistance for arrangements with non official childminders must apply to the General Student Assistance Fund instead.

Completed forms with ALL supporting documentation must be posted to the FAA office

*  Students who are registered as International Students are not eligible for financial assistance from the Childcare Support fund.

**See Explanatory Notes

 How to Apply 

Download the Childcare 2017.18 application form. Do not submit your application until after 25th September. 

Complete the attached form after a suitable crèche/childminding service has been selected.   Please ensure that every section is completed,  that Section C has been filled and signed by the Head of Department/School or your course Tutor/Leader; and that Section E has been signed by the Crèche Manager or Childminder. *

Applications will be accepted from mid-August to October 21st subject to overall funding levels, should the allocated funding expire before this date, the scheme will close earlier, however the scheme will be extended if funding is still available after October 21st.

For further updates, please check www.dit/studentfinancialsupport 

What Happens Next?

  • Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail  and will receive a Contract of Agreement which should be signed by both the student and the Crèche/Childminder
  • Completed Contracts of Agreement must be posted to the FAA Office*
  • Payment will be made directly to the official nursery/crèche/registered childcare provider upon receipt of the Contract of Agreement, usually within seven working days
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant *
  • Applications received without ALL necessary documentation will be returned to the applicant

 Explanatory Notes

Funding Notes 

Funding is calculated over a 36 week period to cover the academic year. The maximum amount available to an applicant with one or more children is €2200. A student will receive 100% of the fee if the weekly fee for the academic year  does not exceed €2200.  

Applications will be considered on individual merits taking into account the documented income (One Parent Family Payment, Rent Allowance and/or any other benefits, allowances and other income) of the student and where relevant, his/her spouse or partner and the applicant’s individual circumstances.

One advance payment will be made to the service provider.

Proof of registration with the HSE or Tusla must be provided by the crèche or childminder.

Accepted forms of proof -

  • HSE/Tusla Inspection Report
  • Invoice of registration/notification fee to HSE/Tusla
  • Copy of  application/renewal form sent to HSE/Tusla for registration/notification    

Address of FAA Office

Financial Aid & Accommodation


143-149 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Section F must be completed and signed by the Crèche manager or Childminder.

They must state the net(actual) fee paid by the applicant less any CCS or other subvention.

Compulsory Supporting Documentation

  • Birth Certificate for each child (photocopies are acceptable)
  • Official proof that the crèche or childminder is registered/notified with HEA/Tusla (See explanatory note above)
  • All income documentation including One Parent Family and Child Benefit payments to be submitted
  • At least two most recent receipts for childcare costs to date
  • Photocopy of current DIT Student Card

 Incomplete forms

Incomplete forms and forms submitted without ALL required supporting documentation will not be considered and will be returned to the applicant by post. Your form will only be processed and issued with a list number when the complete correct form has been returned to the FAA Office.

Contract of Agreement

A Contract of Agreement is in two sections one of which should be completed by the applicant and one which should be completed by the crèche. The contract is to ensure that a crèche or childminder will refund any money paid to them in advance on the students behalf should the student remove the child from the provider’s care before the 36 week period. Please check your DIT e-mail regularly for this contract.

Completed Contracts of Agreement must be posted to the FAA Office

Child Care Assistance is not available to

  • Students who have not partly paid or fully paid registration fees by respective due dates – excluding students who have applied for a grant
  • Apprentice and Part-Time students
  • Incoming students on Socrates/Erasmus Programmes or equivalent
  • Postgraduate (paid) Research Students
  • Students registered as International Students
  • Students attending Foundation and Access courses
  • Springboard students

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I apply for Child Care support if my child is being minded by a friend/relative?

A. No, you must apply under the general Student Assistance Fund instead

Q. What is the most I can receive towards childcare expenses?

A. €2200

Q. Is it €2200 per child?

A. No, the total funding you can receive for all children is €2200

Q. Can I receive childcare assistance if my partner/husband is in fulltime employment?

A. It depends on your circumstances for example, your partner or spouse's income, your mortgage payments, commitments etc.

Q. Am I eligible for childcare assistance if I am a part-time student or Springboard student?

A. No

Q. Can I apply for childcare assistance if I am registered as an International Student?

A. No.

Q. I am repeating the year; am I still eligible for childcare assistant?

A. Yes

Q. I am a postgraduate student; can I still receive childcare assistance?

A. Yes, provided you are not a paid research student

Q. If I am successful in my application for Child Care, how long will it be before the payment will be issued?

A.  Payments are normally made directly to the créche within 4 weeks.

Q. Am I obliged to pay any excess fees owed to the crèche after the DIT assistance has been issued?

A. Yes

Q. What happens if I leave college and the assistance has already been issued to crèche or childminder?

A. You must inform the FAA office immediately. You must issue an instruction to the crèche or childminder to refund all money owed to the DIT immediately.



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