Class Materials Scheme 2017/2018.

Application forms will be accepted from October 2nd to October 27th 2017. Payments will be issued to successful applicants from November 15th 2017. 

This scheme is currently closed  

This scheme provides assistance to full time students, registered on courses with high class material costs, such as Art, Design and Photography or certain courses which incur significant class material costs of greater than €500.

The assistance awarded is up to €500 per student, subject to eligibility criteria. The closing date for receipt of applications is mid-January, subject to funding availability.

Applicants are not required to submit receipts when applying for this fund.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Am I eligible for class materials assistance if I am already receiving assistance under the General Student Assistance Fund

A.        Yes if you meet the criteria for the Class Materials Scheme

Q.        Am I eligible to apply for the rent assistance scheme if I apply for assistance under the Class Materials Scheme?

A.        Yes

Q.        What is the most I can receive towards class materials?

A.        €500

Q.        Are there circumstances where I can receive a higher amount from this scheme?

A.        No, but if you require more than €500 you must apply under the Student Assistance Fund          

Q.        I am repeating the year; am I still eligible for class materials assistance?

A.        Yes

Q.        When will I be notified whether or not my application was successful?

A.        Approximately 3 weeks

Q.        What happens next if I am successful?

A.        You will receive a request to complete a HEA Data Questionnaire and should receive funding within 10 days after this has been completed.

Q.        Do I need to provide receipts with my application for funding?

A.        No.

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