General Student Financial Aid  2017/2018 

The General Student Assistance Fund (financed by the Higher Education Authority and the EU) provides, where possible, limited support to whole-time DIT students in severe financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances or students who are disadvantaged and require additional financial support to continue their third-level studies. Students not entitled to a SUSI grant may apply for The Student Assistance Fund where a higher parental income criterion applies.

It is not necessary to visit the Financial Aid & Accommodation Office in order to apply for funding. 

Please note: This scheme is now closed.  Pending funding availability the scheme may reopen again.

Application Forms and ALL supporting documentation should be posted to the FAA office, DIT 143-149 Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.

 Frequently asked questions

Q.        What is the Student Assistance Fund?

A.        The fund provides financial support for any full-time students who find themselves in financial difficulty.

Q.        When can I apply for the Student Assistance Fund?

A.        Applications forms will be available in September 2017. The scheme opens on September 18th 2017.

Q.      Can I apply for the General Student Assistance Fund and the Rent Assistance Scheme in the same academic year?

A.      No. If you are paying rent to an official landlord it is recommended that you apply under the Rent Assistance Scheme instead. If you are receiving rent allowance from the state you must apply for assistance under the General Student Assistance Fund instead.

Q.        Can I apply for the General Student Assistance Fund and the Class Materials Scheme in the same year.

A.        Yes

Q.        What is the maximum I can receive from the general SAF?

A.        €800. 

Q.        What is the parental/student income cut off amount?

A.        Generally a gross income of €60K for parents and €10K for students. Higher parental income may be considered in certain circumstances. 

Q.        What if I don’t have a bank account? Am I able to receive a cheque instead? Can payment be made to me through my credit union account?

A.        No, You must have a bank account. Payments will ONLY be lodged to your bank account

Q.        Am I eligible for the general SAF if I was admitted to DIT under direct admission?

A.        Yes

Q.        Can I appeal if my application is rejected?

A.        Yes

Q.        Can I receive the general SAF If I am a part-time student?

A.        No

Q.        Is it possible to receive assistance even if I am working part-time?

A.        Yes, your income will be evaluated as part of the application process.

Q.        I have applied for the SUSI/other grant; is it possible to receive SAF if I am likely to be in receipt of a special rate maintenance grant?

A.        Yes

Q.        I am a postgraduate student; can I receive the general SAF?

A.        Yes, provided you are not a paid post graduate student

Q.        Can I receive the general SAF if I am repeating the year?

A.        Yes

Q.        If my application in a previous year was successful; do I need to apply again for the upcoming academic year?

A.        Yes

Q.        If my application was unsuccessful in a previous year,  can I apply in the following academic year?

A.        Yes

 Q.        I am a fulltime mature student with a family, I am not working at the moment but my husband works full time; am I eligible for the general SAF?

A.        Yes, depending on income and circumstances

 Q.        What is the meaning of adjacent/non-adjacent SUSI grant?

A.        The adjacent grant means you are within 45kms of college and the non-adjacent grant means you are more than 45kms from college. You will usually receive a higher amount of maintenance from SUSI if you are on the non-adjacent grant. Variable degrees of maintenance grants are allowable from SUSI. Check their website for more information. 

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