Rent Assistance Scheme - Will reopen in September 2017 

Maximum €1200

This scheme was introduced due to the high student demand for rent assistance.

This scheme provides assistance to whole time DIT students in a formal rental situation, with a landlord, in the following circumstances.  

  • Students who do not normally reside in Dublin
  • Students living independently due to personal circumstances
  • Mature students living independently. The student must be in a formal rental situation with a landlord.

A lease backdated no earlier than the 1st August for the acacemic year relating to your application or proof of a rent payment (letter from the landlord outlining the payment or proof outlined on a bank statement) must be submitted with the application and must reflect payments made in the academic year. 

Please note: We accept deposits paid in August, relating to rent for the academic year relating to your application.

It is not necessary to visit the Financial Aid & Accommodation Office in order to apply for funding. 


How to apply

The application form will be available here to download in September 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q.       Who is entitled to apply for the Rent Assistance Scheme?

A.        Students who do not normally reside in Dublin.
    Students living independently due to personal circumstances.
    Mature students living independently.
    Student must be in a formal rental situation with a landlord. 
Q.       How do I receive my payment?
A.        Payment is made as a single lump sum for the year. This scheme does not make monthly payments to students.
Q.        Can I submit photocopies of supporting documentation?

A.        Yes

Q.        Will my documents be returned to me?

A.        Only on request.  It is advisable to submit photocopies instead.

Q.        How long does the process take from application to payment?

A.        About three weeks if your form, documentation and proof of rent payment/s are correct on your initial application. Applications will not be processed if application forms are incomplete and there is insufficient supporting documentation.  Proof of rent is essential. Your application date is taken as the day you submit an accurate application form with correct documentation attached.

Q.        What proof  should I submit that i am paying rent?

A.         You can submit proof of rent payment/s  on a bank statement or a letter from your landlord outlining rent cost including deposit to date if it is dated after the 1st August 2017.   NB- only your portion of rent paid is admissible, e.g. if you share a house with 3 other students only a quarter of the deposit and rent per month will be accepted for proof of payment.

Q.        What happens if my form, documentation and proof of rent payment is incomplete?

A.        Incomplete application forms, insufficient documentation and insufficient proof of rent payment will not be considered and will be returned to you by post. Applications will only be considered when all of the information outlined above accompanies the application. 

Q.        What should I be aware of when completing the form?

A.        Ensure that your form is completed correctly and that you have the supporting documentation e.g. grant, or proof of applying for grant   along with parental income details along with the rent details outlined above. Please do not forget to sign your form.

Q.        What do I do if my form is returned?

A         Returned application forms include a letter and checklist that highlight all missing documentation and incomplete sections. When you have all missing documentation and/or filled in the incorrect section/s on your form, post it to Financial Aid & Accommodation Services, DIT, 143-149 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Q.        Can I e-mail returned forms to the FAA office?

A.        Yes, but you must ensure all the supporting documentation and proof of rent payment accompany the application. Ideally you should pos  it to the FAA office DIT, 143-149 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Q.        I am in an informal rental situation; can I still receive rent assistance?

A.        No, but you may apply for assistance under the General Student Assistance Fund.

Q.        I am repeating the year; am I eligible to apply for rent assistance?

A.        Yes

Q.        I am a part time or Springboard student; am I eligible to apply for rent assistance?

A.        No




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