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TU Dublin - City Campus, Student Internship Scholarship Programme 2018/19 

Applications are invited for the TU Dublin City Campus, Student Internship Scholarship Programme funded by TU Dublin City Campus, Student Life Budget (Student Service (Capitation) Fee Income).  The Student Internship Scholarship Programme is open to TU Dublin City Campus students only.  The aim of this programme is to develop a range of transferable skills intended to enhance the learner’s employability. The learner will have an opportunity to develop his or her ability to work alone and within a team while also enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving. This programme will support career planning and the development of the individual as a reflective practitioner. The Scholarship Programme involves the students completing a minimum of 100 hours of work experience in a specific TU Dublin City Campus work area while also writing and submitting a reflective e-portfolio. This is not an accredited module but students who pass will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a scholarship stipend of €1000.

This work-based learning module will place an emphasis on developing the learner’s ability to manage their own learning in a supported environment. The learner will be immersed within the practice domain in a structured and supported learning module. Throughout the process, the learner will be supported in managing their learning through an online learning portfolio. 

Delivery and Assessment

The programme will be delivered in two parts compromising a TU Dublin City Campus work placement component and an online academic component.

Students will complete the TU Dublin work placement component from Tuesday March 19th - Friday 28th June and will comprise of a maximum of 100 hours of work placement. The dates cannot be extended or changed. The workplace mentor will be asked to fill out a report which will contribute to the overall assessment of the programme.

The online academic component will  be run from Tuesday March 19th - Friday April 12th. The dates cannot be extended or changed. Interns will take part in a virtual classroom where there will be specific requirements outlined below:

  • A reflective journal – this will be comprised of assignments over the duration of the internship  classroom where there will be specific submission requirements outlined here facilitated through the ePortfolio, which can be gathered together at the end of the four weeks. The learner will receive formative feedback from the academic tutor on each assignment as he/she develops reflective writing skills.
  • Career development plan – this will require the  learner to methodically review where they are in their career, deciding where they want to be and setting targets and plans to get there.
  • Presentation - at the end of the four week period each learner will make a short presentation to the academic mentor on the experience of participating and learning on this programme.
  • All three components must be completed in order to pass.


  • Students who are fulltime, registered (paid registration fees) attending undergraduate and have passed the first year of their programme.
  • Your academic department has approved your participation in the internship programme.

There may be a short listing of students for each placement considering the requirements of the work area and a selection interview of students will be held by the TU Dublin City Campus manager/tutor.

Student information and requirements

  • Students must be attending their course and available for the required 100 hours of work experience.
  • The students may be interviewed and offered a module in a TU Dublin City Campus work area.
  • Students are required to be flexible as to the scheduling of the work placement and academic component during the dates outlined above.
  • Students may voluntarily complete additional hours if they wish with the agreement of the manager on the understanding that no additional funding is payable.  A statement should be signed off to this effect.
  • Students participating on the programme must sign an agreement which will stipulate the requirements of the programme including a confidentiality clause and disciplinary code.
  • Students must submit online asessments as required by their academic tutor.
  • The work place mentor will be completing a report on the work experience which will form part of the internship assessment.
  • Students must pass both components in order to receive a CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT.
  • The best performing student will be awarded an additional monetary prize in recognition of his or her achievement.


  • The TU Dublin City Campus Financial Aid and Accommodation service will manage the scheme.
  • The TU Dublin City Campus Financial Aid and Accommodation service will issue the scholarship payments through online banking.
  • The first payment of €500 to be issued on commencement of the work experience.
  • The final payment will be issued upon successfully completing and passing both components of the programme.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete the Student Internship Scholarship Programme online application form here along with the following attachments:

  •  Curriculum Vitae

  •  Academic Record - from your Course Coordinator/Head of Dept

  •  Approval letter - Academic Dept (Course Coordinator/Head of Dept

  •  Bank Mandate form (click Bank Mandate form to download the form)

You must ensure to submit all of the attachments  (with the titles of the attachments named as above) with your application. Your bank mandate form must be stamped by your bank.  This is required for payment if you are successful in obtaining a place on the programme.

To complete the form you must be logged in to your TU Dublin City Campus, student email account. Please ensure all of your other email accounts are closed before completing the application form, otherwise you may not be able to complete the application. 

The closing date for completed applications is Monday 25th February at 2.30pm. 

There may be a short-listing of students for each placement considering the requirements of the work area and a selection interview of students will be held by a TU Dublin City Campus manager/tutor.

If you have any general queries about the Programme please contact Noreen Phillips, FAA Services at 01 2205066 or email or Deirdre Corcoran, Manager, FAA Services at 01 2205007 or email 

The academic aspect of the scholarship programme will be managed by Eric Bates. He can be contacted at 01 4023984 or email