What do DIT graduates do?

First Destination of Award Recipients (FDRs)

Data on the graduating cohort of 2016 are now available on the Infoview section of DIT's Banner System. Statistics are collected by DIT Careers Career Development Centre on behalf of the Higher Education Authority which collates information from all Higher Education Institutes to produce an annual report on the initial employment, further study and training patterns of certificants, diplomates and graduates. The survey relates to what graduates were doing on 30th April of the year following graduation.

Statistics include tables of figures, by course code, the number of award recipients who have gained employment and those who went on to further study. Details of the area and type of study and employment details - including salary and relevance of employment to course - can also be found. Future reports will also give a breakdown of those who are self-employed and those who are engaging in unpaid internships.

Statistics collected from previous years are available from the Career Development Centre.