Promoting your organisation

We are happy to meet with you on campus or at your place of work to discuss all aspects of recruiting students and graduates. We have the local knowledge and can help you promote your organisation and vacancies to the student body.

Promote and raise your organisation’s profile on campus through:

  • Easy access to third and fourth level students and graduates
  • Advice on specific courses, graduate availability and recruitment procedures
  • Advertising your vacancies and other recruitment needs.
  • Manning a strategically placed stand in a designated area (campus foyer) for a morning or afternoon provides an excellent opportunity to meet students. Many employers use this facility to provide potential employees with information on company openings and follow-up with a presentation later in the day.
  • Collaborating with academic staff by incorporating a ‘live’ business game or case study in to a study discipline?
  • Presenting to class groups is another great way to make an impact with potential employees and raise your profile
  • visiting one of our campuses and talk to students. directly.  We will help organise all aspects of your presentation including: co-ordination of dates;  audio visual equipment; event promotion and interviews on campus with shortlisted candidates.  We will also post your vist on our Event Diary

Placements and Internships

We also offer advice on other issues associated with recruiting graduates including information about exemptions, employment trends, graduate salaries and recruiting second or third year students on a summer or full year internship. Industrial placements are incorporated in a number of DIT programmes. Placement students can be a valuable resource to your company and often valuable to organisations at peak times. Past students have been involved in carrying out specialist projects. Placement/intern students can assist with time-consuming but essential tasks while enhancing their own education through relevant contact with the business community

Employer Fairs

Employer fairs provide you with a great opportunity to meet potential employees and promote your company in a more personal and informal environment. Why not take the opportunity to represent your company at the annual Graduate Recruitment Fair, in October. The event is the biggest of its kind in Ireland and England attracting 200 plus exhibitors and upwards of 3,500 students.

Careers Education

We are always looking for guest speakers to really augment our career decision-making workshops.  Workshops highlight the importance of understanding career motivation, external and internal influences, occupational research, application techniques and ongoing self-evaluation on making informed career decisions.

*Remember to schedule all recruitment activities around term and examination time-tables.

For further information please contact our employer liaison officer at 01 402 3082 or email




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