Mature Students

The number of mature students entering college these days has increased dramatically and the decision to take a college course can be for a variety of reasons - up-skilling to make yourself more employable, bringing your existing qualifications to a higher level or perhaps just out of interest for a particular subject area.  

As a mature student you may have concerns about how to position yourself as a graduate entering/re-entering the workplace. We will provide you with the support you need in identifying how your work and life experience to date can make you a stand-out candidate for graduate opportunities. You should never underestimate the value of the real-world experience you are bringing to your course of study in DIT and to future employers!

As well as looking for candidates with the necessary skills and technical knowledge, organisations put huge emphasis on employees who show a high level of professionalism, maturity, enthusiasm, attitude and work ethic. Mature students typically have these attributes in abundance as well as being able to hit-the-ground-running in a job without needing much hand-holding.  

Make sure to check out our Mature Student Resources Sheet which will give you some great ideas about how to develop your graduate career and benefit from your time in college.