• INAU4023
  • Industrial Automation Module 2

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Module Description

This course has been designed to build on the Industrial Automation Module 1. The students will be introduced to the PLC as the ?front end' interface to the factory floor machinery. They will examine its role in automatically gathering relevant production information and passing this information the management computer systems. There will be an emphasis on software design, implementation and faultfinding. The safety concerns and standard applicable, to automated process are discussed and demonstrated in all relevant lecture and laboratory exercises.

Module Aims

The aim of the subject is to: â?¢ prepare the students to work at a high level in industry with automation and control systems. â?¢ give students extensive hands on practice at implementing the automation, control and monitoring of industrial processes and fault finding. â?¢ provide a laboratory programme closely linked to the lecture that emphasise the main learning objectives of the course through assignments and mini projects.

Indicative Syllabus

Advanced sequence control including series and parallel sequences, loop sequences and automation of process with a sequence.
Automatic materials handling systems
Automation of a machine using all of the above as a mini project.
Automation systems monitoring using operator interfaces and SCADA packages
Competent use of the programming software and fault finding skills.
Process control, analogue modules, use and configuration, sampling frequency, Alias frequencies, Minimum sampling rate, Analogue Alarms, Implementation of ON / OFF, ON / OFF with deadband, P Control.
Produce well documented software and mini projects
Revision of basic automation elements, e.g. I/O, bits, timers and counters.
Use of Data registers, and basic instructions e.g. Modes of Instructions, Compare, Increment, Decrement, Zone compare.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:42
Class Size:40

Pre-requisite Modules

Title Code
Industrial Automation Module 1 INAU3314

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