• SSPL9057
  • Progress & Placement

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Spatial Planning and Transport

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Module Description

Each student is required to spend a minimum of 14 hours per week for 16 weeks in an approved and monitored work placement. This work placement emphasises the applied nature of the programme. To date the timetable and delivery of the programme allows work placement on Monday and Tuesday with the remainder of the week available for study and lectures. The Department maintains a register of suitable potential placements and assists many candidates in finding appropriate employment. In addition students carry out a research project of their own choice. The research undertaken is written up and presented as the research dissertation. To monitor progress in the research dissertation and develop students presentation skills this work is allocated marks and credit in the work placement module.

Module Aims

To assist the student to undertake a 'real world' major project / dissertation for which programme assessment marks are allocated

Indicative Syllabus

Conference: Students present final findings and discuss results and recommendations with an invited audience. Poster sessions and oral presentations are used.
The content of the work experience varies from placement to placement.
WIP 1: A preliminary oral presentation by the student to colleagues that outlines the primary research questions and the means by which these questions will be investigated. The presentation is for five minutes and is supported by slides or other graphic materials.
WIP 2: A poster session. The student outlines the research questions, research methodology and preliminary research findings. An invited audience assesses student posters.
WIP 3: Oral presentation, results of research are presented to colleagues
Work in Progress is allocated as follows

Total Contact Teaching Hours:224

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