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Name/E-mail Department and Location Extension
Focas 7985
Management 7103
Food Science & Env. Health 7570
Apprenticeship and Engagement 3834
Access Office Access & Civic Engagement Office 7613
Acquaye, Adolfe Engineering 2973
ICT Services 4272
DIT Health Centre 3051
ICT Services 2205184
Adult Education Centre Mountjoy Square (not DIT) 8787266
Advic, Hassan Maintenance 2950
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4975
Food Science & Env. Health 4373
Counselling Service 4343
Building Services Engineering 3826
Aherne, Trish 0868532892
Ahmed, Hind Focas 7929
Food Science & Env. Health 4442
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2878
Focas 7966
Spatial Planning 2992
Mechanical and Design Engineering 3900
Architecture 3691
Management 3030
Physics 2879
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4905
Buildings 3646
Human Resources 2205269
Student Services 2205039
Student Services 7514
Optometry 4932
Dublin Institute of Technology 2890
Aston, Layne Students Union 7630
Aughney, Jason Students Union 0834806707
Students Union 4654
Augier, Street Examinations 7100
Aungier Students Union 7630
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