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Name/E-mail Department and Location Extension
Languages Law and Social Sciences 3034
E Block Porters Engineering 2998
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 4554
Examinations 3119
Construction Skills 4081
Multidisciplinary Technologies 3726
Human Resources 3363
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4940
Manufacturing Engineering 3835
Library 3462
Admissions 3300
Applied Technology 3893
International Selling Programme 7041
Library 3681
Metal Fabrication & Welding 3979
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 4780
Civil and Structural Engineering 3888
Culinary Arts and Food Technology 4439
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 7937
Registrations 7632
Student Services 7632
Focas 7982
Human Resources 3452
Staff Training & Development 7870
Exams, Huntline Examinations 4810
National Optometry Centre 4900
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