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Name/E-mail Department and Location Extension
Dublin Institute of Technology
Digital Campus & Learning Transformation 7636
Culinary Arts and Food Technology 7581
Human Resources 2205169
Food Science & Env. Health 4547
Focas 7992
Retail and Services Management 7051
Culinary Arts and Food Technology 4353
Jella, Kishore Kumar Focas 7966
Management Studies 3280
Management Studies 3121
Admissions 5354
Graduate Studies & Research 3439
Centre for Elastomer Research 7919
Hospitality Management and Tourism 4440
Finance 2205102
Accounts 3100
Creative Arts 3550
Access & Civic Engagement Office 7605
Jones, Rob Chaplaincy 7685
Jooss, Stefan Graduate Research School 4187
Sports 4715
Dublin Institute of Technology 3269
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