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Name/E-mail Department and Location Extension
Dublin Institute of Technology 2875
Palmer, David Architectural Technology 3966
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4963
Health Informatic Group 2808
Examinations 4835
Part-time Staff DIT Temple Bar 6752619
Food Science & Env. Health 1660
Payroll 3320
Food Science & Env. Health 4442
Pavani, Kotakonda Focas 7926
Languages Law and Social Sciences 7094
Physics 4786
Focas 7986
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 4577
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4869
Hospitality Management and Tourism 4232
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4278
Engineering 3651
Financial Aid & Accommodation 3394
Library 7108
Picard, Caroline Focas 7977
Real Estate and Construction Economics 3861
Students Union 3112
Media 3069
Spatial Planning and Transport Engineering 2962
Pool, Swimming Dublin Institute of Technology 4715
Focas 7956
Centre for Soc. & Educat. Research 4173
Porter, Porter Dublin Institute of Technology
Porters-E Block Engineering 2998
Porters 4206
Porters Dublin Institute of Technology
Porters, Rathdown House Maintenance
Porters Desk 4270
Porter Temple Bar 6752610
Post Grad Mechanical and Transport Engineering 4062
Postgraduates Biological Sciences 4885
Postgraduates Civil & Building Services Engineering 3608
Metal Fabrication & Welding 4056
Dublin Institute of Technology 4523
Biological Sciences 4890
ICT Services 3087
Real Estate and Construction Economics 3862
Focas 7998
Examinations 4337
Prendergast, Frank Engineering & Built Environment
Management Studies 3202
Spatial Planning 3838
Research and Enterprise 3428
Accounting and Finance 7147
Campus Planning 4188
Mathematical Sciences 4826
Architectural Technology 3944
Focas 7985
Focas 7980
Students Union 4782732
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